A great promotion starts with a great idea. At Jazzap we’re full of them. We start every project with widespread

research, getting to know both your brand and your target market as personally as you know them; then we push the

boundaries artistically until we’ve come up with the one-of-a-kind idea that will bring those picky people to your brand

with smiles on their faces.

Tactical Strategy

But make no mistake: we’re not talking about fluffy objects here. We don’t craft promotions for the sake of giving you

something to brag about to your chief executive or the business leader; the promotions we create always have a clear

business principle, with tangible ambitions and goals, and a focus on the hard numbers that will make the campaign

a quantifiably unquestionable success. Every project is partnership, every footstep of the way; we work hand in hand

with you from the inception to craft a promotion that fits your brand like a glove and that gets your Financial Officer as

excited as your art department.

Facebook and Twitter

Our custom promotions across the social web beat into millions of social media users and turn scores of them into

your largest fans and followers.

User Generated Content (UGC) Campaigns

UGC campaigns are planned to get your customers in on the fun, stimulating them to celebrate and promote your

brand with content they create themselves. Photo contests, video competitions, music remixes, user-submitted

recipes, design-the-T-shirt, advocacy submissions—the inventory goes on, and every UGC campaign is wholly

unique to the brand we’re enlisting their consumers to evangelize.